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    At AiSG, the only focus of our firm is to assist our clients meet their strategic business objectives and to give companies the power to delight their customers, employees, and shareholders, to ensure success by relentless application of best practices in process, people and technology and a continual pursuit of excellence. Everything we do has one goal—to help our customers achieve their goals.

    AiSG offerings are underpinned by internationally accepted Business Process and Services Best Practices based on a range of de facto industry frameworks and standards such as Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001, IT Service Management System ISO/IEC 20000-1 and Quality Management System ISO 9001. We help organization in using these standards and frameworks to develop and govern the information security and quality service and help them to meet their strategic goals.

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  • AiSG resources have been involved with auditing, implementing, consulting and training to over 300 leading organisations in Malaysia with the practical implementation and trainings on a variety of management systems governance and best practices such as,ISO 27001 and ISO 20000. Managed by team of professionals with cross-industry experience, our competencies spread across business, process, quality and technology.

    We have served business leaders including top companies within the country serving a broad array of industries, from Airlines, Banking Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Consumer Durables, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Government agencies.

    Our Vision and Mission

    To be the best ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 20000-1 partner in Malaysia and Asia providing top value services to our customer.

    Our Customer

    Auditing  -   Telekom Malaysia Bhd, RHB Bank Bhd, Westport,

    Consulting – Malaysia Airport Bhd, Taliswork, Malakoff

    Training – Malakoff, Port Klang Authority, Unitar

    The Management Team

    Rahim Ngatman – Founder and Project Director

    He is the qualify Lead Auditor of ISO27001 :2005 practicing since 1999 with more than 1000 audit days covered for conformity assessment covering more than 300 companies ranging from IT, Telecommunications, Government agencies, Logistics, Financial institutions etc.Apart from audit, commitment were also given to promote the adoption of the management system such as being the speaker for MDec ISO/IEC 27001 adoption in 2008 and speaker for IT Service Management Forum in 2009. In 2008,  Rahim Ngatman assisted SIRIM QAS in establishing ISO/IEC 2000-1 certification scheme, accredited to iTSMF. 

    Kent Ng – Founder and General Manager

    He has more than 20 years’ experience in Information Technology specialize in data communication, networking and security.  Over the years, he had the opportunity to work with multinational IT vendor such as IBM, Cisco, Fortinet, CheckPoint, Symantec etc providing large scale network infrastructure and security solution to enterprise customer in Malaysia.He had been involved in ISO27001 auditing, training and implementation since 2009

    Why Us ?

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  • She came to Baltimore more to be with the parents, who grew to depend on her and her husband for emotional support, than to find their son whom she knew was nowhere in the Baltimore area.
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